Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Podcasting Month

So this month is National Podcasting Month and to celebrate that podcaster from all over the world are taking the challenge of Podcasting every day for this whole month.

I thought to myself that this would be a typical thing i would be insane enough to do. However like most projects of this nature, like that 30 day facebook photo challenge id become lazy around day 5 and give up.

What if i could use this month of podcasting try something stupid and funny. im up for ideas which is why im taking to Google+. i will record a podcast every day for 30 days but in that 15min podcast i will only talk about things that people on google+ tell me to talk about. God i hope i have gay followers. but please feel free to try to stump me. Ill talk about anything. so give me a topic and lets have fun with it.

I might give up on day 5 but i wanna have 5 stupid, gay and hilarious shows.

So friends of Google+ Bring it on Darlings. :)

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