Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaPodPoMo Day 1

Thank you Satyr darling for Day 1 topic

The origin/creation story of Donna Suggarz as told in the bible!

Here I am. First time in public in drag (excluding elem school)
our love child (hehe no a prop from another persons costume)
Me with my new crazy friends at the party
This is Kelly with my brother. she recognized him and tortured him at a concert he was passing stickers out at(he worked for the radio station KROQ). she was so dirty to him then after he freaked she explained she was my friend.
Me with another friend from beauty school at a Gay Club Tigerheat. (My First time)
funny story, Kelly from photo previous would buy a redbull and a shot of Vodka pour Vodka into redbull then place can between breasts and come out to 18+ section and give to me.
love her.

i am so sorry to MysticJackal on Twitter for missing your post. considering my lack of sexual experience i couldn't fill a 15 min podcast unless i cried and we all know theres only one woman that can cry during podcasting.

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