Friday, September 11, 2009

A good pair of shoes

I own beautiful dress shoes.

fantastic boots

Kinky high heals

and one pair of tennis shoes????

That's why I'm BIG silly homo. So to help myself and the world that has to see me, i went and got myself a brand new pair of shoes. Running shoes ( which is sad cause there will be no actually running in them.)

My brother Justin and I have begun walking a few days a week. Its not much but we always do a mile at least. However with my old shitty pair of sneakers id be dying half way. The mile course we take around our neighborhood ends with an uphill quarter mile incline. Its not killer but for someone like me it was death, But i did it.

So now with my brand new shoes i was eager to walk again. We did our normal route and even an extra half mile. And the best part, My feet didn't hurt half as much as they did before. There definitely broken in now.

I feel great. Still fat but great.

As the great John Legend says Each day gets Better.

With new hope and a sassy step,

Girlina, Queen of the Universe