Monday, October 31, 2011

Episode 41: Bulges, Blizzcon and a Nap

Hello Darlings.

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Here is a new show darlings.

A full rundown of my super crazy week featuring the acquisition of a Blizzcon ticket, the PA of Jonny McGovern (Gay Pimp) new Video "Dickmatized" and the Epic adventures of the lone Prot Pali Norila at Blizzcon.

Im Stuck way in the back of the arena like area for Blizzcon Main Stage but there were screens like this one all over the place.
This Girl wasnt in the costume contest but she was awesome.
close up of my addition to the graffiti wall
Still from Markaholics Bam! video and me (in his apartment) next to Bam sign. hehe jealous?
Markaholics Bam on YouTube
Tranny Heaven Epic Video on YouTube
Billboard top ten Halloween songs

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