Saturday, January 2, 2010

The end of the Holidays.

So Christmas is over the tree is packed away. New years has past and the resolutions have begun.

For Christmas because of how much larger out house is compared to my parents we decided to have Christmas dinner at our house. You never fully understand how difficult that can be until its Christmas morning and your making list and organizing the pantry. I was a crazed wreck. I'm not entirely sure how but it worked out. 30 people expertly arranged in our house. more food than all of us could ever eat. We haven't had that many members of our family in one house like that for years. My Aunt Linda was there and kept her cool even when her Daughter and the women her daughter left her husband for arrived. ( she was a little cold i hear but its to be expected. they have to give it time) My Aunt Selina, the christian minister and counselor kept her cool even when my oldest brother Sean decided to arrive dressed like Jesus Christ. (No fucking joke it was hilarious) on a side note i nearly wet myself laughing so hard.I survived a 20 minute conversation about fishing with my Uncle Rogers wife Nina ( shes a tomboy) We all joked and had fun. After a longs day of cooking and decorating i decided to skip dinner and pop open a few bottles of champagne. I didn't get drunk but i needed them, trust me.

We survived Christmas.

Now for new years. We had been saying for months we were going to Disneyland for New years. I was excited but that morning i woke up sick as a dog, but to make my brother feel better and hopefully to feel better myself i decided to go anyway. we got there, it was a zoo. walla to wall people. All trying to get on the same rides we wanted on. i couldn't handle it and went home early.(my mother came and picked me up, i felt like i was a child again) i went home and went to bed before midnight. Another New years spent alone. No biggie.

So yesterday twas the day to start with the resolutions. Every year i say I'm going to lose weight. By losing weight ill be beautiful and ill meet someone. However every year i fail miserably. So for this year i decided to fuck ever meeting someone. My resolutions are to get healthy for MYSELF and ONLY MYSELF and To judge people a little less. You get nothing out of judging other people. Just expectations that can never be met and bitterness.

This will be a better year. It has to be.

Girlina, Queen of the Universe

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