Sunday, August 30, 2009

wow i was drunk...

OK. so hmmmmm....

A month ago i planned a party. end of the summer thing.. god know we all needed a drink.

told everybody about it with more that enough time for them to get off work.

Invited around 75 people.

spent a few hundred dollars getting my bar fully stocked with booze i don't even drink but know that other do.


what is wrong with me?

is there a sign above my head that says pathetic loser stay away?

dave and busters would be jealous of my bar.

well waste not want not. i started the evening with my favorite drink. champagne with a splash of pomegranate juice orange juice. i love it. i never get hangovers from champ so thats why its the perfect drink.

three bottles in.......

i ran out of pomegranate juice. but my brothers girlfriend which i totally love, brought some pomegranate liqueur... so i used that instead of juice.

one more bottle in......

i decided to get on facebook and my blog and vent about the atrocity of my party. and later i told everyone in my face book how much i found nerdy guys hot......give it a second.....with EXAMPLES from my former work at the happiest place on earth. also just to mess up my life even more i also gave examples of guys i didnt think were hot. oh the humanity.

this is why all of my party attempts are two months apart. it takes that long to recuperate.

My next major catastrophe is scheduled for the second week of October. A Halloween extravaganza........of maybe 7 people.

i hate my life sometimes.

I hope everyone has a laugh at my expense,

Girlina, Maybe not the Queen of the Universe....Maybe Court Jester.

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