Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Episode 39:cause they cant all have a witty title

Hello Darlings.

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Here is a new show darlings.

VEGAS BABY! me giving you my Vegas rundown. the looks go as followed hunny.

2 minutes of news:
dueling churches
lesbian kissing
Sean Maher
Lesbian looking woman
Speedo controversy
Bulgarian porn star
Dodgers fan lawsuit
Kevin Federline
Doritos God
Pauly D. D stands for douche

plus some gay news of the day and my angry rant about Cival servants

and the Big Silly Homo premiere of "Modified" the fierce new song from Jonny McGovern and Nadya Ginsburg. the new track off the upcoming album of LIFE "The Gayest of All Time"

Heres a group show of some of us from the Vegas trip.

Sean Maher, He got me through many a lonely night in high school. any nerd that tells you other wise is lying.
Heres my choice for hot guys with Iphones. Hes nerdy wearing glasses and have kermit the frog as a phone case. id molest the shit outa him. yummy hunny. Dont agree?!? show me you favorites at guyswithiphone.com think your hotter send those photos to Donna@bigsillyhomo.com

Jonny McGovern & Nadya Ginsburg "Modified"


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