Sunday, June 14, 2009

The joys of Marriage

So my cousin got married yesterday. was great..........i love weddings...........throw up on floor.

Weddings are the worst waste of my time.

His wedding was a formal affair at a country club. I got all fabulous in a nice suit and my hair was workin. we get there and half the people there were in casual dress. the fucking invite said formal. There was a guy with jeans and green fucking hair. Nightmare.

the service was quick thank god but it started 45 minutes late. as the Bride and Groom were walking down the isle afterwards there were already drinks waiting for them and the bridal party at there request?????? Boozhounds??????? The bride goes to hug the waiter holding the tray of beers and he spills the tray on the train of her dress. The dress that cost her parents $10,000. It was the most beautiful dress but jesus 10k. i need to start making wedding dresses.

Everyone always get upset with me at weddings because I'm not jumping for joy for the couple.


Gay people make the dresses, do the makeup, do the hair, plan the wedding, make the cake, cook the food, serve the food, mix the drinks, DJ the event.......and on and on and on.......

We do all the work so that some silly drunks can enjoy the benefits. These people plan these huge weddings, stay married for a few years, divorce then get remarried.

the christian right say they have to protect Marriage for a man and a women. It they want to keep it holy. OUTLAW DIVORCE!!

lets see how those fuckers like marriage if they can only do it once.

watch the accidental rate of death of husbands dramatically go up.

I hate weddings.

but god knows i have mine all planned out in my head just like a 12 year old girl.


Girlina Queen of the Universe

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