Thursday, June 18, 2009

A generation of idiots

So even a 25 year old queen like me knows when you hear "Fame" you think of a school of gay boys and there faghags taking to the street for a showstopping dance number.

Or "Summer Loving" is about two people proving opposites attract while gossiping about there summer flings at school lunch.

The Hills are alive.......
If I only had a heart.....
I’ve Got a Golden Ticket.....
Im just a sweet Transvestite.......
Just a spoon full of sugar......
Somewhere thats greeeeeeeeeennnn.......

These Musicals echo in my mind. Shadows of a childhood filled with fun and fantastic music.

The Queens of generations past had:

Dorothy Dandridge and Pearl Bailey giving us everything they had in Carmen Jones
Yul Brynner asking Deborah Kerr "Shall we dance"
Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds "singing in the rain"

Helllllooooo Dolly....
Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat.....
I Could Have Danced All Night.....
I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair......

This music inspired them and me.

But what about today

Ive noticed that the musicals of today are either "bad" or "Music of the Past remade"

Bad: "High School Musical 1...2...and OMFG 3"
Remake: "Moulin Rouge"
Bad: "Camp Rock" a bad ripoff of FAME MOTHER FUCKER
Remake: "Chicago"
Bad: "SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT" WTF its technically a musical.
Remake: "Hairspray"
Bad: "The Cheetah Girls" or anything featuring Raven
Remake: "Across the Universe"

Now the remakes are great films dont get me wrong, but there recycled songs being sung by movie stars. Only a small handful can actually sing.

Oh god and the Bads. Disney Pimped musicals thrusted down these kids throats with there horrible music being sung by "?Singers?Actors?" im confused what Disney is trying to make them. Ok one or two of the Jonas Brothers can actually sing well but Come down off the cross boys and be the fagots we all know you really are.

Zach Efron looks like a young Ellen, With his Lesbian haircut. He cant actually sing. He didnt sing half the music in the first HSM. There was another actor Drew Seeley that sang for Zach (while trying to research to remember the guys named i found that Imdb removed his name from there listing of High school Musical. I know it was in the credits for the movie. I remember looking it up and wondering why they didnt have that hot ass guy just play the part and cut Zach. You could tell it wasnt the same voice when the voice went to the higher octave that it wasnt the same voice. re watch the movie girls. DISNEY CONSPIRACY look it up) It was only after the ridiculous fame of HSM that they got the boy lessons and began shaping the music to fit his range.

The Cheetah Girls were already a band that had a cd out and everything. they were "ok" but Disney had to take it a step too far, Placing Raven into there group (Side note they fucking hated her) and making a horrible movie. WHY? thats all i have to say

There is an entire generation of Kids and young adult that wont watch the old classics because there "OLD" so there only source of Musical are cookie cutter BS from the Mouse.

The classics featured People who could sing and dance and act. If they couldn't do that there career didnt go to far. as time progressed if they could sing and act there were golden, a little later they could act or sing and we accepted it. Now.....NOW..... THEY CANT DO EITHER!!!!!

Give us something magical. Wow us with something new and fantastic. We deserve it because we are paying $12.99 for a movie ticket and $29.99 for the DVD then $49.99 for the special edition DVD released two weeks later.

You owe us that.

and oh my F*^%*+G god please dont ruin any more fantastic movies with horrible remakes. Do we need Annie remade ever couple of years or what. Fame is a classic Please GOD dont let them ruin it or ill have to slit my wrist in front of Graumans chinese theater.

With a watchful eye Disney,

Girlina Queen of the Universe

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